Freya’s first swim at Anini Beach

One of Steve’s fondest wishes for the past year has been to swim with Freya in the warm Hawaiian waters. We’ve often taken her to beaches on the Pacific coast of California…Fort Funston (aka Fort Fundog) just south of San Francisco; Half Moon Bay; Carmel…where Freya has romped in the surf but rarely swum, and never with Steve.

This afternoon he had his wish! They swam together at Anini Beach, a 2-3 mile stretch of beach on the north shore, a 10 minute drive from the house, where it’s easy to find a peaceful patch away from more crowded beach parks.

We almost had the place to ourselves, except for a very pleasant local chap who came for a swim with his 14-month-old Aussie Shepherd, Kobe. Kobe seemed more keen to play with Freya than to swim with his boss!

Freya earned her rest this afternoon! After her lengthy swim, she dug a hole and flopped down to survey her new surroundings!

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