I’m a transplanted ex-Brit (naturalized US citizen in April 2012), who lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, and who has now settled, with my husband Steve, on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai…

Like so many before us, we fell in love with this island when we first visited in 2008, but at that time it never occurred to us that we could contemplate a permanent move here.

Late in 2010 we started investigating where we wanted to be when we retired from our Silicon Valley careers. Plan A was to relocate to the Central Coast, midway between San Francisco and LA, which would be roughly a four-hour road trip for our Bay Area friends. Kauai, we figured, isn’t much further…you just have to fly rather than drive…and so, Plan B was born.

We bought a home in Princeville mid-2011, intending to use it just for vacations for a couple of years, but the pull of the island was greater than expected, so we sped up the timeline, and made the move, with our white shepherd Freya, in August 2012.

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  1. My husband and I are working towards a move to Kaua’i next year, with the intention of making it there by the May/June timeframe-ish. We’re currently living in SoCal, in Huntington Beach to be exact, and most recently visited in August/September. The pull to make the move is so strong for us and I really can’t wait to make it happen. Thanks for sharing your experiences – it makes not being there yet a little easier! 🙂

    Living vicariously,

    • Good luck with the big move, Allison. I’m sure it will go smoothly, especially since you are a good planner! Until then, I’m delighted to know that my blog is maybe helping you to bridge the gap! 🙂
      I read your posts, and it sounds as if you have all your bases covered, especially regarding your cats who, with all their jabs/permits/certificates in place, will be ready to move before you are! We had to jump through all the same hoops well in advance of our move date, as we have a white shepherd. She managed the journey very well.
      I assume you know from your research that you can fly your cats direct to Lihue and have a direct release there if you book it with the Kaua’i Humane Society; you no longer have to go through Honolulu.
      All the best over the coming months with the planning and execution!
      – Louise

  2. Hi Louise –

    Thank you so much for your reply and the tip about flying direct into Lihue! I had actually talked to a couple who had just moved themselves and their animals a few months ago to Kaua’i, and they flew into Honolulu because that was the only option they were aware of through their research, and I actually didn’t see flying into Lihue as an option in what I had researched and read! So thankful for your help!!!! That will definitely make our trip so much easier.

    Mahalo!!!!! ❤

  3. Hello there — I read your post about your husband Steve using his metal detector to help people search for beloved items and we are in desperate need of his services — hoping beyond hope that you get this post and are on the island. I lost my beloved engagement and wedding rings in the sand on Thursday. Would love to speak with him or you if you guys might be able to help. Thanks so very much!

  4. Hello there Louise! I read your post about your husband Steve helping people with his new metal detector and I am in desperate need of some assistance after losing my beloved engagement and wedding rings in the sand on Thursday. Hoping beyond hope that you get this message, and that he is on the island and might be able to help. All best to you. Thanks so much.

  5. Hello,
    I saw your metal detector post and I’m wondering if Steve is still doing this? My husband lost his wedding ring on Shipwrecks beach today and we’d love to get in touch about finding it if you’re interested. Thanks very much!

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