All Creatures Great and Small

IMG_4769Yesterday, a neighbor had to take her cat to her vet, urgently, and was in need of a ride.

The surgery is tucked away down country lanes in the hills, mauka (inland) of Kapa’a. Not an area I’d yet explored, so I was interested to visit new ground.

IMG_4768Dr Basko runs All Creatures Great and Small, with the practice apparently occupying the ground floor of his home.

The staff are all delightful, and I was particularly impressed by Dr Basko’s ‘bedside manner’ with my neighbor, who was naturally concerned about her beloved persian, Lelani  (sorry, I didn’t take a photo of her, but she’s utterly adorable), who has the biggest roundest eyes I’ve ever seen in a cat, except maybe Simon Fry’s Cheshire Cat in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

IMG_4766Dr B, as his staff refer to him, was very caring to Lelani, as well as to my neighbor, and was patiently matter-of-fact as he stepped through the diagnosis and dietary regime that he recommended for the next few days.

This post is an unapologetic excuse to share with friends a few entertaining photos I took around the premises. However, if anyone is looking for a vet in the Kapa’a area I would, on my brief experience of his sincere caring of one sick cat, certainly recommend you check out All Creatures Great and Small.


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